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We Teach Practitioners How to  Effectively Use LifeWave Patches in their Clinics. 

You're already a LifeWave distributor so you've seen and felt the power of the patches for yourself. Now it's time for LifeWave phototherapy patches to enhance your treatments, improve home care options and revolutionize your telehealth sessions!

What is the AcuPatching™ Practitioner Community?

A vibrant practitioner membership that  helps you easily learn how to use LifeWave patches without having to reinvent the wheel

With our membership training site you'll save time, energy and effort as you seamlessly integrate the patches into your clinic.

It is intended to help licensed health professionals such as acupuncturists, doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists or other qualified health professionals, get on the road to success with the patches.



Here's What's Included in the Membership

  • Step-by Step Courses on how to use the patches to balance meridians
  • Done-for-you group programs that you can implement immediately
  • LifeWave resources conveniently in one place
  • Introduce colleagues to the patches with our weekly training webinars
    • Weekly live training webinars on patch usage 
    • Courses on how to grow your practitioner LifeWave business
    • Advanced patching protocols section
    • Unparalleled community support with an active forum

Get Your ROI by Bringing Your Colleagues to the Weekly Training Webinars

Each week one of our practitioners teaches a webinar on the clinical aspects of how to use the patches. Bring a colleague to one of these webinars and introduce them to the patches so they can see the amazing benefits.

Enrolling a colleague through our webinars is a sure fire way to get the best return on your investment in the AcuPatching™ Practitioner Community.

Pediatric Healing Arts, Inc. © 2021

“These patches are nothing short of life saving because they work! We as practitioners of TCM already know the channels and points, the science is abundant, and using patch protocols remotely during Covid has been an important stream of income. Not to mention the support of the AcuPatch team, they are the real deal and it's nice to be part of such a 'high-minded' team. Go for it, you won't be sorry! ””


Pediatric Healing Arts, Inc. © 2021

“I have learned heaps through this community, which has allowed me to recommend patches for a variety of patients' health concerns. The Acupatching Team provides not only recommendations, but also backs them up with science ~ a "win" for this doc! Thank you!!””


Get a 7-Day Free Trial to the AcuPatching™ Practitioner Community 

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Fill out the sign up form below to join the AcuPatching™ Practitioner Community, so you can see what it's all about. We've loaded it with resources and live & recorded training webinars to help you get started.  You'll need the name & reference ID # of the person that gave you the link to this webpage to get access.

STEP 2: Check Out Membership Training and Benefits

We'll send you an link in the email with instructions to access our membership site. You'll have 7 days to try the community and see that you'll quickly get your return on investment with our weekly training webinars!

STEP 3: Join for Just $27/month 

If you love our membership and want to join, there's nothing to do. We'll automatically charge your credit card at the end of the 7-day trial. You'll have access to all our upcoming training events! If you decide it's not for you, contact us to cancel before your 7-day trial ends at

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Weekly live training webinars

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Convenient LifeWave Resources

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Done-For-You Programs

Pediatric Healing Arts, Inc. © 2021

“AcuPatching™ has really changed my practice. I started playing around with patching in a very informal way. I never expected to dive in deeper, but I couldn't get over how powerfully the patches worked. I started by healing myself. My immune system is leaps and bounds stronger since beginning to use Glutathione patches on myself. From there, I branched out to try patches on other individuals and other conditions. They've continued to astound me, and because of that, I can't seem to keep them in stock! My clients love them. As a pediatric acupuncture specialist, they're easy to use with my pediatric clients. I mean - they're stickers! Who doesn't love stickers?! Additionally, the parents of the kids I treat often get patches for themselves. However, I spent several months (over a year) learning about the patches on my own before studying them through the AcuPatching community, and I cannot believe how many doors this community has opened for me. I now have support in case studies as I'm creating patching protocols. I've earned a greater income from the patches as I've learned more and more about them through the experience of so many practitioners. All of my questions about the company, my own patching business and my client's patching protocols are addressed either in the trainings or in the community forum. This has helped me to support my clients on a deeper level, which is the biggest reward in joining the AcuPatching™ community.”

Meet the Team that Runs the AcuPatching™ Practitioner Community

We all came to use LifeWave phototherapy patches because we saw the need to be able to help our patients in-between visits or in lieu of coming in for a treatment. It became our go-to option for patients that were on vacation, too sick to come to our office, or needed additional support to improve their healing trajectory. 

What we experienced exceeded our expectations and our patients were buying patches so fast they were flying off the shelves. We knew we were onto something and started sharing this technique with our colleagues and the rest is history!

The AcuPatching™ Practitioner Community was created to help you quickly integrate the patches into your practice, help you enhance your treatments, and earn another revenue stream that isn't dependent on seeing clients one-on-one or even in your clinic at all! 

Copy of Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if I cancel my monthly membership?

We'll immediately shut off your access to the AcuPatching™ Practitioner Community. You may join again at any time, but you may not retain the original pricing when you first signed up.

2. Can I use the term AcuPatching™?

No. AcuPatching™ is a trademarked term that is for use only by the direct downline of Suzy McCleary. If you are not in Suzy's line of sponsorship, then you do not have permission to use this term. You may use phototherapy, patching, etc. instead.

3. Why don't I get access to this for free?

The AcuPatching™ Practitioner Community was developed by Robin Ray Green who is sponsored by Suzy McCleary. Practitioners in their line of sponsorship get free access to this community. It represents thousands of hours of content, training, and support created by Robin, Suzy, Devon, Caitria and the entire community. If you would like access to this incredible body of work they have created, you'll need to pay a membership fee.

What Our Fellow Practitioners Are Saying....

Pediatric Healing Arts, Inc. © 2021

“I had a male patient with an adductor strain—As my fellow sports med L.Ac.s know, this can be a tricky/vulnerable area to needle, especially on men. I had the patient place an X-39 patch directly on his point of pain, which was essentially LV10. He had immediate relief, and was able to walk and move without pain. The pain started to return in about 3 hours, so I guided him to move the patch 1 cun superior to LV11. Again, the pain was gone, and hasn't returned In my experience, I see adductor strains taking so much longer to heal, with multiple treatments required. I'm just so pleased for the response thus far, and it was so much easier to patch this sensitive location versus needle it. ”


Pediatric Healing Arts, Inc. © 2021

“Just have to report this fantastic x39 win! I had a malignant melanoma excision done one month ago on my left lower tricep (just up and lateral from LI 11). The surgery went perfectly, but the scar and surrounding area has been painful, swollen and purple. the lateral inch of the 3 inch scar was raised approximately 3/4 inch compared to the rest of the scar and the rest of my arm. Based on Robin's recent Office Hours suggestion to use X39 on c-section scars post-partum, i tried an x39 yesterday on my scar after i woke up in great pain... within 2 hours the pain was completely gone, by bedtime the scar was pink instead of purple, and by the next morning the scar was completely flat...! ”



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